Installing Toolbox OEM Software


Before installing any Microvellum products or updates, be sure to follow the pre-installation procedure found by clicking here.

Click here for information about how to install to a Unified Work Order Database (UWOD).

Follow the procedure below for a standard ‘local work order database’ installation once the install file “setup.exe” has been run as an administrator as outlined in the pre-installation procedure.


1). Proceed with installation

Fig01_InstallScreen.pngFig. 1



Fig02_LicenseAgreement.pngFig. 2



Fig03_InstallPath.pngFig. 3



2). The installation next installs the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition. Click "Next."


Fig04_SQLServer_CE.pngFig. 4



Fig. 5



Fig. 6


     a. - If you already have SQL Server Compact installed, you can just repair the installation or cancel it. Otherwise click “Next.”


Fig07_SQLServerCE_repair.pngFig. 7



Fig. 8


3). When the install finishes, this screen verifies a successful installation.


Fig09_InstallationSuccess_message.pngFig. 9


4). Your Toolbox OEM desktop icon looks like this (depending on which product you installed).


Fig. 10

     a. - If you are running an update, there will be no change to the icon



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