Creating Work Orders from Fluid Designer Drawings


Work Orders can be used to generate all of the production information needed to manufacture the job. This includes Manufacturing Reports, Nested based optimization, Saw Optimization, and G-Code. 

NOTE: In order for the manufacturing information to be created you will need to have purchased the necessary modules, and have the library configured to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Syncing the Data with the Database

After you have a created a Fluid Designer Drawing you will need to sync all of the design information with the Microvellum Factory Database. This can be done by clicking the "Sync Design File" Button after you have created a design and saved the file.


After the project has been synced you will see the product list be populated with all of the products. 


If you have a toolbox library and would like to replace the design products with products from your Toolbox library you can select all of the products in the list, right click and select the "Rebuild Selected Products From Library" Command. This will replace the selected products with one from your active toolbox library. In order for the product to find a match in the toolbox library the Description must match the product name.


If you don't have a toolbox library then you can use the Fluid Designer products for manufacturing, but this typically requires the Fluid Designer data to be configured to match your construction and machining formats.

Creating the Work Order

Work Orders can be created by selecting the "Create" Button in the Work Order ribbon on the Production Tab.


Once you click the Create button you are given access to the Project Selection Interface. This interface allows you to determine what projects, rooms, and products you want to process into a work order. By Selecting the Checkbox next to the project name that will select all of the child nodes. Once you have selected the data you want to process select the "Process Work Order" at the bottom of the interface. 


After the work order has been processed a dialog box will open asking you if you would like to open the newly created work order.


If you select Yes the work order will open. If you would like to open the work order at a later time you can open up all previous work orders from the "Open" button in the work order ribbon.


Once the work order is open you can select the "All Parts" button in the load work order parts ribbon.


This will load all of the parts into the grid.


Printing Reports

Now you can print manufacturing reports by clicking the reports button in the work order ribbon then selecting the report you would like to print.



Working with Processing Stations

Since every manufacturer can have a different process to generate the needed manufacturing data. This section typically is setup custom for each user. The typical work flow to send information to a processing station is:

  1. Select the parts you want to send to a processing station by selecting them in the grid above.
  2. Select the processing station you want to send the parts to.
  3. Click "Apply Selected Processing Stations to Part Selection".
  4. Click the "Process" button at the bottom of the interface.


There are a lot more options when it comes to processing work orders. This is just a quick overview of the general process. For more information on how to process work orders view the Production Section on the Microvellum support site.

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