Microvellum LIVE: Building Custom Products Faster with Solid Modeling Tools (2017-06-21 Session)


Microvellum-LIVE (Recorded Version)

Building Custom Products Faster with Solid Modeling Tools (formerly Extruded Product Builder )

Recorded: June 21, 2017: Watch it Now


Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. Is Toolbox now compatible with AutoCAD 2018? 

A. In the mode Clay is running in, it is.  We will not fully support it until 15.5 due to some changes that Autodesk made to AutoCAD.


Q. Can studs be equal spaces to the top and bottom plates?

A. The placement of all vertical entities, in relation to the extruded entities, is a direct representation of the 2D profile/section that you create. 


Q. Is there a trial version of the Solid Modeling Tools (formerly Extruded Product Builder)?

A. We do offer trial access to the Solid Modeling Tools. Contact us and we can address this for you.


Q. Often while drawing studs, I make the surrounding lines stud material, then when I draw it, the cut outs are the pieces that are drawn resulting in floating circles and rectangles with top and bottom plates. What am I doing wrong?

A. This may be an issue with the stud wall not actually having a stud. Please contact our Support Team to diagnose this issue.


Q. Can you put some cabinets under counter top?

A. Yes, you can place cabinets from your product library within products drawn with the Solid Modeling Tools (formerly Extruded Product Builder)?


Q. Are we able to use drilling for construction line holes?

A. This is a feature that is available in our new Unique Product Builder (UPB), and coming soon for EPB.


Q. Does it know the EPB wall is a wall entity? for example, would the fix to wall command work?

A. At this point they are just lines in AuoCAD, it is not a MV Product yet, you will need to use the Pick a Point


Q. You keep saying this is not yet an actual product... Can it become a product and at what point does this become an actual product?

A. There is feature that will allow you to save the EPB product as a fully functional product, similar to what you would see from the product library. The difference is that it's made up of parts and no parametrics yet. When the product is analyzed, we read all the parts and holes/machining and create the product.  At that point you can use the other MV Tools and send it to manufacturing. The EPB Product becomes a product that is ready for manufacturing once the EPB product has been saved to the project's product list. 


Q. How does it decide to start and stop the plates or any parts? Based on sheet size?

A. The individual layer, defined in the Smart Layer Manager, controls how parts are extruded along the path. There are specific properties for Max Linear Length, Start & End Offsets, Automated Corner Negotiation, material, etc. that are defined when you create your first Smart Layer. Once defined, simply assign the Smart Layer to the parts and the instructions are followed.


Q. Any options for creating access panels?

A. Creating access panels can be accomplished by using AutoCAD modeling tools like SUBTRACT, selecting the solid to subtract from and the shape you want to subtract from that solid. We recognize that using this feature can take a little longer than expected for new users, but we have plans to automate this process in an upcoming release. 


Q. Is there now a way to drill pilot holes horizontally? As in drill holes for attaching the front panel and rear cleats to the studs?

A. This feature and others related to creating specific machining from the EPB UI will be coming soon, but for now, this can be done after the product is analyzed from other MV tools.


Q. Can you use 3D solid editing on the parts for cutouts, etc.?

A. Yes. You can even make changes to parts, create your own and link them to the EPB product. Changes you make are locked in.



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