Microvellum LIVE: Streamline Your Design to Manufacturing with Microvellum Toolbox (2017-06-14 Session)


Microvellum-LIVE (Recorded Version)

Streamline Your Design to Manufacturing with Microvellum Toolbox

Recorded: June 13, 2017: Watch it Now



Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. Do you provide AutoCAD with MV and if so, is it a perpetual license or is it on the subscription system Autodesk is now using?

A. Toolbox is available for standard (full version) AutoCAD. If you don't have AutoCAD, we sell an OEM version of it wrapped up with Toolbox. We call it Toolbox OEM. We do offer optional annual subscriptions to keep it current, and sell it as a perpetual license as well.


Q. On the Work Order screen, what does Process Multiplier do?

A. This will increase the processing time, but applies the efficiency multipliers to activities for estimating work order time costs.


Q. How do I create the constructions methods and materials I use on a day to day basis?

A. You have a few different ways to achieve this. First, you can setup the Global Variables to meet your machining and construction methods. Every project you create will follow that setup and use those Global settings. Additionally, you can setup different Specification Groups that have their own unique material options, machining instructions and construction options. 


Q. Can you draw and process cabinets and example with blind dado construction

A. You can customize the construction of any cabinet. Blind Dado construction is simply an option in the Global Variables.


Q.  I am wondering about the technology that we have today. The question is, after you programmed the drawings and you saved it in the Microvellum data base in one computer. Can you transfer the programmed drawings from one computer within the network server to another computer? For example, another engineer needs to work on the project on a different computer.  Can you transfer to the another computer within the network that you had already programmed with all the g-codes for the CNC from the old computer?

A.  Toolbox provides the ability to have multiple users working in the same project. The only restriction is that you cannot have the same drawing open. You can transfer or open the project on a different PC and continue working on it if you like.


Q. When will this recording be available for download?

A. All the recorded versions of our Microvellum-LIVE events are processed the same day and put on our Help Center for viewing. You will also receive an email from our GoToWebinar system that includes a link to watch it.


Q. Can you start a job from a master page or a master template cad dwg?

A. When you start a new room in the project, you can specify what DWT file to open it with.  You do have control over what is in that DWT file.  you can make any modifications to it you wish 


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