Microvellum LIVE: Exploring Microvellum's Cabinet Library Intelligence (2017-06-07 Session)


Microvellum-LIVE (Recorded Version)

Exploring Microvellum's Cabinet Library Intelligence

Recorded: June 7, 2017: Watch it Now 



Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. Is this product library available to everyone? Some of these options are not in my current library.

A. Access to product library updates is granted with a current support & maintenance subscription. If you are current, you can download it: Download Now


Q. How do I back up my database when I'm on a network?

A. Here is a link to a forum article that will walk you thru it: Visit Forum Article. If you have further questions on it, you can create a support ticket.


Q. Can Fluid Designer link with Toolbox?

A. Fluid Designer can import a project from Toolbox, but for now, a user would have to maintain a one-to-one product match to use both products seamlessly. Fluid Designer is a sales tool - produce a design, quote a project, win the project. But it's not a tool for engineering. Toolbox can be used to fully engineer the products, but it's a separate process. In the future, this may be more streamlined, but for now Fluid Design is a great solution for Kitchen, Bath and Closet designers. 


Q. What helps you to not mess up your global variables when you alter them?

A. Some good practices are to keep a backup copy of the original global file unaltered.  Appending formulas, by adding or subtracting or inserting your alteration to the end rather than wipe out a formula completely with a new value.  Keep a log of changes, add a note to the end of the help text, like a date and who changed it.


Q. Can the miter shelf be cutout like you show all together in one panel without the "V" bit and then taken to the saw for miter?

A. When the parts get added to the work order it will be put in as 1 part.  So you can cut it on the saw and miter it later after you cut it out.


Q. Does perfect grain sequence from door/drawer front around to the Slab FE or back panels? 

A. At the current time it only works when the parts you want to Perfect Grain together are on the same plane.  We are working on the next step so you can PG around the cabinet,Right now it doesn't by default. But there are some new options in the prompts to assign which cabinets are to be grained together by what we call a perfect grain container.  There might be a way to include the FE with some customization.


Q. Is there an option to split a back if the part exceeds the stock material size?

A. Yes there are Split Back Options within the latest Library.


Q. Your library global shows it was on version 46.2 under library. Is this the same as v46.1?

A. 046.2 is very similar, just some small fixes and changes. Will be released sometime in the next few weeks.


Q. Is there a way to keep a custom-created product's subassembly inserts parametric after adding to the library? We pick points/corners to add subassemblies, but they don't change as the cabinet changes.

A. In the latest Libraries the Starter Products have the inserts as available pull-downs, and the Subassembly Origins, and sizes are parametric based on the bay widths.  In the latest library and previous libraries, the same inserts can be inserted into any opening by picking corners.  The program populates the Subassembly Origins and Sizes with hard values, all you need to do to make them parametric is go to those cells within the spreadsheet and add the logic to make them size parametrically.




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