Microvellum LIVE: Report Designer - Creating Custom Reports (2017-06-28 Session)


Creating Custom Reports with Microvellum's Report Designer

Recorded: June 28, 2017: Watch it Now



Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. I have edited my part labels to start on separate sheets so I can print off labels for parts that get cut manually on our panel saw. How do I get the option to select an individual material and/or a sheet size so I don't have to find the labels every time?

A. Another capability of the report designer is to add a data selection box.  It could be set to display the materials, and then the databand filter would be set to use that selected material to display only labels for that material.


Q. Thank you. These events are excellent. I'll be at the next one for sure :)

A. Thanks Ben! We're glad you like them. We'll keep it up - July is going to be a busy month.


Q. How do you add the image of the part?

A. There are several types of images available. Once that determination has been made, add a picture component to the report and define it as the field selected.


Q. Looking at build a shipping list of products from the factory database.  The products are custom and specific, but not sent to work orders all at once. The report I envision would first prompt for the project name then filter and sort accordingly.  Would you show an example of how to create a report with such a prompt?  I guess an alternative would be to amalgamate several work orders under a common project ID.

A. That is a subject for another LIVE event as it is advanced material. We can arrange for that at another time, or arrange training specifically for that subject.


Q.What determines if a label shows up in the Deisgn Factory, Estimate, Manufacturing... Ect.

A. That's is based on the type of report that you select when opening report designer.


Q. How do you open the data box to select the items?

A. There is a Dictionary tab on the right side of the designer. Expand the entries, including new data set.


Q. Can you get a barcode on the label?

A. There are two ways to add a barcode. One is a text component that is set to use a barcode font. The other is a barcode component.


Q. Can you explain the "relationships" again and how someone who is creating a label can know what relationships they need to create?

A. Lucas can review this if he has time, but generally the relationships that need to be created depend on the type of data needed and the structure of the database. A database is configured to avoid duplication of data. You must be very familiar with the location of data in the database. Then if some particular data is not available in the base table you must created a relationship.




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