Microvellum LIVE: Report Designer - Basics (2017-07-26 Session)


Microvellum-LIVE (Recorded Version)

Microvellum Report Designer Basics

Recorded: June 26, 2017: Watch it Now


Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. Can you sent a field to stretch to fill the space specified?

A. If you have the image component selected, the properties panel will have a property called "Stretch" ,You can set text to fill it's component, but I've never set a component to fill a space.


Q. Where did you go to add the image?

A. Use the report component named "Image".


Q. On a sheet of label, there is often a scrap boarder area around the usable area.  can you define a board so you know you will not be printing on the said scarp area.

A. Yes, you would setup the margins according to the specific label template you're using.


Q. Where else would be a good place to use these custom reports besides a label like in the demo here?

A. Most of our Users that create custom reports use them to display data in a specific format to make it easier for their employees to utilize the data created by Microvellum software. The sky is the limit with customizing the reports, as long as the data exists in the database.


Q. Can you add labels to your data fields?

A. If you mean text that identifies the data, the answer is yes.


Q. How could you add a letters to the dimensions W H D?

A. You would edit the expression and add text to the field definition.


Q.We Have a Label Printer That prints a 1.5 x 4" label...

A. You would adjust your page size properties according to the label template you use.


Q.More DB specific, what format is that image encoded as, Jpeg?

A. A variety of graphics formats are supported. Once inside the report it loses its specific format.


Q. could you adjust the thickness or line weights, when we tried printing it seems faded not like on the preview?

A. Yes, you can set the thickness of component borders. This could also be a printer driver issue.

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