Microvellum LIVE: Version 15.5 Update Preview (2017-08-02 Session)


Microvellum-LIVE (Recorded Version)

Version 15.5 Update Preview

Recorded: August 2, 2017: Watch it Now





Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. When can we get our hands on the update?

A. We will be releasing the beta within the next week or so.


Q. Will you ever be adding Cam construction to the joint options in the product builders?

A. Already on the list.


Q. What about adding backs to products?

A. There is an option for adding backs with any capture option you want.


Q. Hardware on Flatshot Tokens when? Also Flatshot token(s) in lieu of normal 2D elevation?

A. With this feature now finally getting into the hands of users we are going to be collecting as much feedback on the FLATSHOT token and make many improvements to this feature.  These specific features won't be in the 15.5 but will do are best to get them in as soon as possible.


Q. Can you delete individual parts?

A. Yes, the parts can be deleted or turned off so you can see others.


Q. On the vertical entities example you were showing, could you do more than one at a time? Or do you have to click each one individually as you showed. 

A. You can do as many as you would like in one-click.


Q. Can you rename the parts so the shop knows what's what?

A. Yes, you have full control over part names.


Q. I don't see the hardware (hinges, slides) on teh custom product (locker). Do those come later?

A. Yes, we are working on displaying hardware in the solid model when using the Product Builder tools.


Q. Once it's analyzed and made into a product, could you add subassembly inserts? I'm assuming so. Just want to clarify.

A. Once its analyzed its an normal MV product, so you would be able to add your own inserts.


Q.Is there a easier way to change the sheet stock material sizes, trim values. Editing the material file for users that use various sheet sizes and materials is a time consuming process. Even with the SQL editor.

A.We do not have a way to quickly modify all the trim cuts and sheet size yet.  This is something that is on the list to look at though.


Q.The interface change looks great.  Is it correct that this changes nothing in the DB or template structures?

A. Correct, nothing in the Database has changed with this, we are just displaying the information differently.


Q. Can the vertical parts be spaced equally? Rather than a hard number?

A. We can look at that option, currently they are all separated by the distance between parts, but can be moved to any location individually.


Q. Can you start with a standard mv library product and manipulate it here, or are they completely separate? Is their any hardware capabilities?

A. We are looking into the ability to start with products from your library.


Q. Does the Product Builder support blind dado construction?

A. On the list to complete.


Q.  Can any insert subassembly that has been created in the library be used on this product?

A. Not yet. At the current time, you can only use the inserts that are shown and are available in the builder pallet.


Q. What happen is you change the material thickness for this locker? Will the machining remain?

A. Absolutely, all machining is dynamic.


Q. Can you still limit access to the Template Spec?

A. It can be restricted using the employee permissions setup.  Same as it was before.


Q.Will this have extra cost if we have the Solid Modeling Tools (formerly Extruded Product Builder)?

A. Depending on the tier you are in, you may have access at no cost. 


Q. Can we assign custom laminate names in this menu?

A. The find and replace feature is only available when copying.  To access it after copying you can do so in the material file.


Q. Does it do outside radius correct for machining

A. This will be completely resolved in the 15.5 release


Q. We in New Zealand are super excited about this update... can we expect the same release date?

A. It will be very close to the USA release.  We release by region over the course of several days.


Q. Seems much faster than the last time i saw this, was the speed improved?

A. Yes, a lot of attention has been to speed.


Q. When is this update scheduled for full release?

A. Mid to late September


Q. Can these custom products be brought into a toolbox drawing?

A. Yes, any product build using our solid modeling tools or builder technology can be saved as a Microvellum product or even analyzed to create a Microvellum product. You can even save a solid model to your product library as a fully functional Microvellum product. Afterwards, you can add your own parametric logic if you want or simply use it again in another project.


Q.  Can products modeled with the Product Builder tools be parametric?

A. Not yet, but we are working on this for a future version.


Q. Can we build a non flat product like a simple table with corbels?

A. Absolutely.


Q. Are the inserts for this set up separately from the MV library?

A. So far, yes.  We are exploring the possibility of integration.


Q. Can we run 15.4 on ACAD 2018?

A. It will only be available for 15.5


Q. Can I run the OEM 2018 beta on the same machine as OEM 2017?

A. Yes, it will be separate.  That is one of the reason we are releasing it only on 2018, so it will be kept different than your main database and software.


Q. Can SMA analyze square cutouts and pockets yet? Or just the Round cutouts?

A. It is capable of pocketing any shape you can throw at it.


Q. If you pick the wrong thickness then the dados won't fit.  Will it tell you?

A. Yes, it will.


Q. Can you set default tools from the tool file in solid model analyzer or do they have to be set individually per part after the product is analyzed to a MV product?

A. We will be adding the ability to have user defined tooling soon. This is a common request and one we are treating with some priority.


Q. Can we pre-sign up for beta?

A. We'll be sending out an email with details.


Q. Can i integrate our current library into the beta or does it have to be separate?

A. We recommend running "beta" on a separate database then your live database, but you can copy/export and run in a different configuration.,You can copy your current library to a sandbox environment.


Q. Will “Open Workbook Designer”, “Add Template File”, and “Save Component to Template” use permissions restrictions?

A. Yes, just the same way using employee permissions as before.


Q. Is the custom product still independent of the line drawings once created?

A. When building a custom product with the solid model building tools, the product is independent of the source lines.  This is different technology than the Extruded Products. A different tool for a different use.


Q. How about SMA on dados and mitered edges?  Has that been improved? 

A. Dados should have no issues.  Miters are also being improved.


Q. So, all the machining would need to be done separately for hardware?

A. At the current time, yes. Until the hardware manager is development, you will have to save the solids as a Microvellum product, which you can then apply hardware to it.  If you have associative hardware then you can apply it to the product which will then apply the machining to the associated parts.


Q. Can you demonstrate moving parts?

A. We didn't get to that in the demo, but that is a basic feature of custom and extruded products.


Q. If the material comes in at .78 and you need to update the product will it work?

A. At that point you would want to update your source model.


Q. So, updating the material thickness works in the source model, but not in toolbox?

A. Once the product is "cooked" as a Microvellum product (not just a solid model), everything is hard-locked. So, all the machining tokens that get added are not driven by formulas.  So, changing the material thickness that the parts use the machining might no longer be correct.


Q. Can I get a copy of the Microvellum Wallpaper that I've seen some of the presenters using?

A. It has been uploaded as an attachment to this Help Center article.












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