Introducing: Tech Support - LIVE


Microvellum-LIVE - Answering the Tough Questions

We are excited to add a new benefit to our LIVE events - Tech Support-LIVE! Microvellum-LIVE events are hosted weekly and are designed to provide our user with direct access to Microvellum's senior teams of technicians and specialists. During these one-hour events, we typically present topics suggested by our users and introduce new products and modules and other industry products or services.

With the addition of Tech Support-LIVE, we taking these events to the next level and answering your questions LIVE. Our team of specialists answer questions, share screens and walk users through the answers to their tough questions. Questions are also responded to via chat with in the streaming service.

If you have not signed up for a Microvellum LIVE event, check out our event calendar for the latest schedule. 


- Microvellum Customer Care Team


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