Toolbox OEM vs Full Version AutoCAD


    Although most features of Microvellum's Toolbox OEM are exactly the same as full version AutoCAD, there are several differences that you should be aware of. 

    The following full version AutoCAD features are not available in Microvellum's OEM:

    • Autodesk Exchange Apps
    • InfoCenter
    • Welcome Screen
    • Customization & Drawing Sync
    • AutoCAD WS
    • Content Explorer
    • Inventor Fusion
    • Model Documentation
    • Batch Plotting utility
    • VBA for 64-bit XP
    • Express Tools
    • LISP
    • Autodesk 360
    • PDF Import
    • Convert to MTEXT

    *As Autodesk makes advancements to AutoCAD, most of the new functionality is included, but not all. With each version of AutoCAD, you may notice that Microvellum's OEM does not include certain features found in the latest full version AutoCAD. This restriction of specific features is put in place by Autodesk, not Microvellum. 

    Microvellum's OEM AutoCAD version works well for many users, but in some cases, you may need the above features. If you find this to be the case, and you have purchased Microvellum's OEM, not full version AutoCAD, you will need to contact us to discuss your options. It may be that you need to purchase full version AutoCAD from Autodesk.

    Note: Microvellum is not a reseller of full version AutoCAD. To learn how you can purchase full version AutoCAD, please visit the Autodesk website:

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    Commands & System Variables Differences

    Microvellum OEM defines a few native commands and system variables that do not exist in AutoCAD. Most AutoCAD commands and system variables are available for use in the Microvellum OEM, including the ETRANSMIT, RENDER, and DBCONNECT commands.

    Command Differences

    The following Microvellum OEM command is different from the AutoCAD command:

    • OPTIONS This configuration dialog box is simplified for Microvellum OEM. One major difference is the Profiles tab is not provided.

    User Interfaces Differences

    The following sections describe aspects of the user interface in Microvellum OEM, including the command line, text window, menus, and toolbars.

    Microvellum OEM Command Line

    The Microvellum OEM command line supports input from the keyboard, script files, pasted text, and even the Windows SendMessage() API. Like the AutoCAD command line, the Microvellum OEM command line also supports transparent commands that interrupt the command currently running. 

    Microvellum OEM Menus

    With Microvellum OEM, you can have multiple menus. Microvellum OEM uses all AutoCAD menu sections except the Screen menu section. Microvellum OEM also does not support LISP in menus. The only other limitations are those imposed by command and system variable changes for Microvellum OEM.

    Microvellum OEM Toolbars

    Microvellum OEM maintains toolbar state identically to AutoCAD. It automatically reloads all visible toolbars.