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Microvellum Q&A Live Stream

Recorded: September 13, 2017:



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Class: Basic to Advanced Level


Question & Answer Transcription:

Q. If I need to switch to millimeters do I need a different product library or is it possible to change it in the settings? will reporting and nesting work in mm?

A. It is best to have a different library for Metric.  We do our best to build the library to go back and forth from imperial to metric, but there are some settings in there that will not work by just changing the units.   If you are just looking for metric reports, you can check the box on the options page that says "convert to metric".  This will convert the data when you make a work order that will then report as metric.


Q. What access do users have to MV data if they wanted to integrate that information into their own databases?

A. You could install the latest library into a new configuration, then open Database Explorer to extract the data that you want, either products or spec group components then bring them back into yours after switching configurations back to yours.  Keep in mind these products are built with the global variables that are shipped, so after you bring them into your library, you will need to make sure that it still works correctly and there are no missing links to the global variables.


Q. How can we turn on machining for holes on shelves for earthquake pins?For shelf clips with locating pins (eg Hettich earthquake pins) the holes on the adjustable shelves are not showing up on the drawings or the machining despite the box being checked (machining on) in the global variables. 

A. This feature was restored in library version 046.0. So, one option is to install that library and copy the machine tokens into your library. You can find them inside the adj shelf subassembly. If you need more help, inquire with tech support.


Q. Is there a way we can get a count of how many sheets of laminate we need? It would add up the skins, single and double-sided panels, Laminate edgebanding.. etc.

A. At the current time, there is not a way to do this.  It just will tell you how many materials that are used, it cannot break them apart.


Q. Is there a way to fix the machining of euro hinges on doors? How it is right now will not work on our CNC; it errors out on the cleanup on the center. 

A.Yes, hinge hardware machining is located within the Hardware Material File (Materials>Hardware>[Right Click on Hardware Name]>Select Hardware Machine Tokens. You can also change from routing to drilling hinge machining with the global G!Maching_Hinge_Cup


Q. Where can I find the recordings of these LIVE Webinars?

A. https://microvellum.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000887586-Microvellum-LIVE


Q. How can we add the part index numbers on the detail report?

A. Part index numbers from a nest/saw








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