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Recorded: September 27, 2017:



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Class: Basic to Advanced Level


Question & Answer Transcription:


Q. Are you releasing Library 46.2 with 15.5 next week?

A. Yes, the 046.2 is ready, on the help site for download.


Q. Our company has just purchased and installed Microvellum, the software was installed last Friday. We have not even completed a roll out with Microvellum and no one is using the software yet. Is this an upgrade that will be freely available to our company?

A. Yes, Microvellum software upgrades are available to you free of charge as long as your support contract with us is current.


Q. If we have made customizations to products in the library, will those be overwritten with the download/install of an updated library?

A. When you install a new library, it will not overwrite your current library. It will add a new configuration with a new database, containing the library. Any customizations you made to the old library will need to be added again to the new library. There are videos on the help site that walk you thru what this process would look like.


Q. In the spec group interface, is there a better way to highlight what you are looking at, as far as what's on the left, and what's on the right? Other than just the headers, Spec Groups, Spec Group Interface Components?

A. Besides the blue highlights that happen when you select a component, that is the only highlight feature added.


Q. When the PL% was just added, where the material names/pointers changed or added also?

A. Yes, that find and replace feature shown in the spec group interface would be the same as going into the material file and using the find and replace command on a category. So it would change the material names for that spec group only.


Q. Has there been an improvement in the Material accuracy on the report? When I print the report in order to purchase material the qty seems to be off. 

A. I would submit a support ticket and have our technicians look at the report. This could be something specific to the report and not the information the report is reporting on.


Q. Since the workbook designer is now in this interface can we create new globals inside of it or do they still need to be created in the global interface?

A. You can create new global files via the new interface.


Q. Where do we download 15.5?

A. You will be automatically prompted on your splash screen in the next few days.


Q. Is 15.5 only available for OEM? Is it available for standard Autocad?

A. It is available for both OEM and standard AutoCAD.


Q. Any plans for project level sheet and thickness controls for template materials?

A. Not yet. A long time ago we did allow template level changes while at the project level but it was requested to not allow this. So, for now, template changes can only be done while in Advanced Library Setup.

Q. Will my old Jobs work in the new version 15.5?

A. Yes.


Q. Do you have or where can I get a FULL and CURRENT user's manual & developer's manual (more in-depth with writing formulas, full list of variable's, etc..

A. This is all currently available on our user forums (https://microvellum.zendesk.com/hc/en-us). More is being added every day.


Q. Is AutoCAD 2018 now compatible with the latest version of Microvellum?

A. Yes.


Q. How did you create the exploded view?

A. The FLATSHOT token has a number of parameters to get different results. One option is a scale factor. See FLATSHOT help document for further info...


Q. If you imports a spec group from an existing job will it bring any project level materials that may be assigned to cut parts in that spec group?

A. Yes, any project materials that were assigned to the cut parts or edge band pointers will be brought in as well.


Q. Is there a way to view this seminar at a later time. Unfortunately, I am working all day but would like to view this later.

A. This event is being recorded and will be available from the e-support knowledge base.


Q. Is there an option not to draw the title block with the FLATSHOT?

A. Yes, there is!


Q. Can you drop in existing shapes?

A. Yes, any valid AutoCAD polyline you can draw will work.


Q. Can you select a part from a polyline,  or make a part from a polyline?

A. Great suggestion. We'll get that implemented!


Q. Do we have a shortcut key to browse to the new g-code file location?

A. Great idea! We'll work on it...


Q. When making those 2d parts, is there also a way to make labels?

A. This is in the plan and will be available soon.


Q. Is there a way to make in not include the "1001" at the end of a g-code file when you g-code a single panel. It's really annoying when I need to update panel xxx1012 and I get "xx10121001"

A. The 'Update Gcode' command should care for that issue.


Q. Can you auto-nest parts?

A. This would be done only through the standard workflow in the Processing Center.


Q. Can you draw odd shaped parts - not rectangular?

A. Anything you want...


Q. Has the Face 6 machining been updated as well?

A. Yes, it always is.


Q. Can you draw a polyline and assign a router to it?

A. All day long!


Q. YouTube Question: Joseph Dawson asks - Will the Parts tool work for point to point router?

A. Absolutely!


Q. Yes, unique g-code all the flipping time this works quicker.

A. :)


Q. Can we bring in a part of a library product and drop it on a sheet?

A. Not yet, but good suggestion!


Q. Can we copy a room to another project yet? Possibly make a change to that room? With the option to rename it so the reports are correct?

A. No, we don't have the ability to copy a room to another project.


Q. I assume you access the same 2D part interface when you edit a part from an existing product?

A. You got it!


Q. Will the flatshot token be available in Basic tier?

A. Yes, this token is just another token that is available for the drawing tokens and not locked out by a software tier.


Q. When a new sheet is added after the new work order is created, is the new sheet added to the work order, or do you have to make a new work order?

A. Yes, it is added to a work order of your choice.


Q. Are all these features going to be available to in the ToolBox premium tier?

A. Please contact your MV Account Manager.


Q. I asked about thickness and sheet editing at the project level for the template and I think it was interpreted wrong. What I meant by that is not to change the template but to just have project level changes. Is this possible/practical to keep the amount of project-specific material down?\

A. There is a plan to revamp how materials work for the future. It is on the roadmap and it will probably address this along with several other issues with materials. This will most likely be a focal point for development for the next release.


Q. Are all these features available using OEM2016?

A. AutoCAD and OEM 2016 - 2018


Q. Are more commands executable from the Autocad command line like prompts and properties are? It would be nice if every command could be executed from the command line so that I could program keyboard and mouse macros to use them.

A. Yes, most commands should fire off an AutoCAD command. Try for example using the move product command it should display MVMOVE in the command line that you can use in a macro.


Q. If we already have the OEM subscription and want to install the new 2018 OEM instead of updating the 2017OEM, will we need to ask our account manager for the 2018OEM or will you be sending links?

A. Yes


Q. Is the hardware feature coming soon to the custom tools and the inserts?

A. Yes, that is the next BIG feature coming to the Solid Modeling Tools.


Q. Will it apply mitered machining as well? What about odd angles?

A. Absolutely. All angles are supported and communicated back to the engineer.


Q. Can you produce the FLATSHOT drawings from models created with the Solid Modeling Tools?

A. Yes, after you analyze it and create a Microvellum Product out of the model.


Q. You have shown frameless construction. How well does face frame construction work?

A. Face Frames can be worked with manually for now, but more automated tools coming soon for face frames.


Q. What about importing custom solid models from Inventor - are they as easily modified?

A. Inventor solids can easily be imported and analyzed to become a Microvellum product.


Q. Currently, we are on the Enterprise Tier... Are the Solid Model Tools included in Enterprise Tier?

A. Yes, the Enterprise tier has all the Solid Modeling Tools included.


Q. What about commands like move nested part? Can that command be accessed from the AutoCAD command line now?

A. Good idea! We'll make a note of that...


Q. Is there a Library Migration tool yet? Something that will take my existing prompt values and update the new library with them?

A. We do have a basic version of this in version 15.5.


Q. Has the occurrence of the Spec group remaining consistent as you revisit a job been addressed? I'm referring to how the program defaults to the Spec group that is third from the bottom in the old drop-down list when you reopen a project.

A. Yes, this has been addressed in the version 15.5 release.


Q. Has a report available yet for face 6 programs that are on the flipside of the face 5 report of the same sheet of the nested sheet?

A. Reports are updated all the time and updated on the e-support site for download. You can then import those reports into your database. I don't know for sure if this specific request is included but I would start there and if you don't see anything, submit a support ticket and we should be able to get this sorted out for you.


Q. Will OEM2 2018 allow us to run lisp routines?

A. This is only available in AutoCAD Standard full version, which is fully supported by Toolbox.


Q. Will we be able to import Solidworks files, etc.. files to import for Solid Model Analyzer?

A. Yes, but it depends on how the models were created in SolidWorks. 


Q. Are the speed issues with editing subassemblies resolved in this issue?

A. With 15.5 you should see a measurable improvement with redrawing products. Also, be sure and use the Subassembly prompts shortcut for making it quicker to open and edit subassembly prompts.


Q. Will we have to pay to have an IPP configured if we already had a tool file?

A. The Integrated Post Processor (IPP) is a machine connectivity module that is not attached to a software tier. There is a modest charge to activate this feature as well as a service to connect to each machine.









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