Installing Microvellum 67 on a 64bit Computer with ACAD 2010-2012


    If running Windows 7, you need to disable the security features and they are as follows. The User Account installing Microvellum needs to be a part of the local Administrator Group. The User Account Controls need to be set to Never Notify. All files Downloaded off the internet through your Web Browser needs to be check that it is not being blocked by the OS. To do this, right mouse click on the file and select Properties. Once the Properties window is open, you are looking for a button labeled Unblock, it will appear under the Advanced button on the General tab, if you see it, click it. The last thing is to right mouse click on all the EXE's and choose Run as Administrator. If you do not disable the security, you will likely be calling back because the OS prevented Microvellum installing correctly. Main it will prevent the installs from accessing system areas such as the SysWow64 system folder, the Registry and the customization changes required to link to AutoCAD.

    For AutoCAD: Download and open Installing AutoCAD 32 bit on a 64 bit Operating System.pdf, click on the link for your version of AutoCAD and follow the instructions. Basically, copy the DVD(s) to the C:\ Drive in a folder as directed in the document, download and extract designated with OS in the file name for your version of AutoCAD into that folder. Locate the Setup.exe and Run as Administrator as described above. Once AutoCAD is installed, download and run the VBA Enabler from the link provided in the document for your version of AutoCAD.

    Now that AutoCAD is installed as a 32bit application, you will need the installs for Microvellum 67 from the 2010-2011 Installing MV67 on 64-bit with ACAD 2010-2011.doc if you do not have those already. If you downloaded the installs recently, check to make sure they are not blocked as described above. Run all three EXE's in order running as Administrator as described above. Note: the Full Setup 67.105.21 and the QFE 67.105.30 will not be able to locate the AutoCAD version on your system. Also note: When running the first two installs, you will see to selections for AutoCAD when it ask you which version you are using, be sure that the first one in the list is selected. The Full install will default to the first AutoCAD selection, but the QFE normally tries to default to the second, , make sure it is always the first in the list. Also, at the end of the first two installs, close windows using the X in the upper right hand corner of the Window. The QFE 67.105.53 will install and finish as expected and be able to locate the correct AutoCAD installation path.


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      Derek Newton


      Thanks for the info.  I will give this a shot.

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      Paul Dame

      I'm following this to install MV67 on a 64 bit system using Acad2008 32bit.  I have AutoCAD installed (thank you for that), but Microvellum isn't recognizing that AutoCAD is installed.  I'm using the MV install file "ToolboxV67_Setup_x86_67_105_54_0.exe"  is this the correct install file to be using for AutoCAD 2008?, if not can i get a link to the proper one.


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      Paul Dame

      Please disregard the last post...i got it working.

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      Jim Vicker

      The pdf only goes back to 2008. We have 2004. Please advise.