Installing Microvellum 67 on 64bit Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8


    A lot has changed in the Operating System and the rules for the installation have changed too. The first thing you will need to look at is the various Operating System Security settings. Please see the link below for Preparing Your Windows 7 System. Even though Version 7 is discussed, disabling security and running the installs and updates as prescribed for Version 7 Products applies to earlier Versions of Microvellum as well.


    Step 1: Disable Operating System Security and recommended install procedure:



    Step 2: Install your Standalone AutoCAD as a 32 bit program. Version 67 is compatible with Standalone AutoCAD Versions from 2007 to 2012. You indicated you are currently running AutoCAD 2011, so that will not be a problem as long as it is installed as a 32bit program. Please see the attached document Installing AutoCAD 32 bit on a 64 bit Operating System.pdf and locate the instructions for the version of AutoCAD you intend to install. To recap the procedure in a nut shell, copy the AutoCAD Installs from the provided installation CD's or DVD's and copy them to a folder on your C Drive, maybe call it 32bit AutoCAD Install. Once all the CD's or DVD's are copied to the local disk (allow folders to merge and files to be overwritten when prompted during the coping phase), download the required patch from the link provided in the instructions for that Version of AutoCAD and extract the ZIP file to the Install Folder on your C Drive you created. Be sure to Unblock the ZIP file if available as described in the Preparing Your Windows 7 System link provided earlier. Then locate the Setup.exe in the Install Folder you create, right mouse click and choose Run As Administrator to install AutoCAD. NOTE: AutoDesk does not support a 32bit install of AutoCAD Versions 2008 and greater. Once AutoCAD is installed, download the VBA Enable from the link provided in the attached document and install it. The VBA Enable is not available from


    Step 3: Download and Install Microvellum. You indicated that you are currently running 67.105.54, this install is only compatible with a 32bit Operating System so you will be required to re-download all the installs from the links below. You will need all three.

    Microvellum Installs for AutoCAD Versions 2010-2012



    Microvellum Installs for AutoCAD Versions 2007-2009




    Once downloaded, check for the unblock as previously described and use the Run As Administrator option for each install starting with the 67.105.21 full install, the 67.105.30 QFE and then the 67.105.53 QFE in that order and do not skip the 67.105.30. Note when running the full install 67.105.21 and the QFE 67.105.30 the installs will appear to crash. To finish the installs as normal, open the Task Manager and end the process for ConfigureAutoCAD.exe and the install will finish as normal. Also not that on the 67.105.30 QFE, two AutoCAD Versions will be listed because of the 64bit Architecture, be sure to choose the first in the list. Once you get past those two installs, then you can run the 67,105.53 QFE, it should finish normally.


    However, if the 67.105.53 update does not install correctly, basically when running the install it skips to the end and says Could Install Microvellum 67, then there is a registry item missing and it will have to be added. It is the Application Path, see the attached screen shot for exact location. Note that the program folder specified in the registry has to be the location where Microvellum installed to which may or may not be in the Program Folder(x86). Rerun the QFE after adding the Application Path if required.


    Once you went through Steps 1 through 3 as outlined, startup AutoCAD, you should get the Microvellum Activation Screen, enter the Serial Number and Password, and then the software will initialize the sample data and create the Default Microvellum.INI file. Once Toolbox completely loads, it is a matter of pathing Microvellum to the current Library Path. Hit Ok, restarts AutoCAD, if it starts without errors you are ready for Production.


    Services are available to provide hands on assistance if desired. You may contact your Account Manager or inquire about such Services though General Technical Support.