Preparing Windows 7 or 10 to Install Microvellum Products


This article also applies to Windows 10 systems.

Before you do any changing of programs whether it be installing, re installing or uninstalling, you'll want to make sure you have full access to all files on your system. This means that you'll have to go in to Control Panel (Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts if you're using Windows 7) and Change User Account Control settings to "Never Notify".



Microvellum Software needs access to registry settings and sometimes downloaded content is blocked by your system. To change this setting, right-click over the downloaded file and click on "Properties". At the bottom of the splash screen, select the "Unblock" toggle:



Now  extract all the folders contents.

Once you've done that, then find the setup.exe, right-click on it, and select "Run as Administrator" (if using Windows 7):



Proceed with installation:


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  • If i didn't check this before installation, would i be experiencing specific problems? Or should i assume the install went properly?

  • Ken,

    Specific problems could include "unknown commands", docking issues, Fatal errors at startup, etc. Mostly these procedures in this article help to ensure every command and file extracted from the install is placed in it's correct location without being blocked by your system. If your program is running without errors like these, and you had administrative privileges on your system during the install, then it most likely went fine.

  • Seth,

     I am trying to install the 2012 oem 64bit version on my computer for the training tomorrow and i am getting the following error (see the attached file).  I've installed it exactly the way you show here, but it's not working.  I do have 2012 32bit (not oem, and using your installation instructions for a 32bit install on a 64bit o/s) with toolbox 67 installed on this computer already, could that be the problem?

    MV Error.jpg
  • Paul (and to others with issues like this),

    The issue here was that AutoCAD 2012 was installed as a 32bit program before you installed V7 2012 OEM. This caused an issue when Toolbox was trying to pull AutoCAD interop files from C:\Windows\Assembly. So we extracted the contents of the attached file into your C:\Temp folder and ran the .bat file inside the extracted folder. Once we verified the appropriate interop files were extracted, we typed 'y' for yes as prompted and reran toolbox which then started up.
  • Seth, now that i am back in the office.  My microvellum 67 has stopped working.  Would it be best to deactivate the v67 installed and just set it up on an Autocad 2011 32bit install?  Or is it possible to get both 67 and toolbox7 working with 2012 (one 32bit and one 64bit oem)



  • Seth

    I don't have the option to unblock in the properties screen

  • Whwn installing mv7, do i need to remove mv67 from acaad?


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