Transferring Microvellum Configurations & Preferences


For versions v7 15.x-15.4 of Microvellum software, please use the Microvellum Registry Export tool to export and save your settings and configurations.  The download is at the bottom of this page.

In 15.5 and greater the opening splash screen contains the "Migrate Configuration" button that allows you to setup which configurations that Microvellum installation accesses.

In 15.6 and greater the "Migrate Configuration" (splash screen) button activates additional functionality. It now contains a "Configuration Manager" that you may use to import & export configurations.

The below will work for any version but requires registry knowledge.


1. Open registry editor and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microvellum\Toolbox

2. In this section you will see two entries, R7.0 and R7.5.




3. In the R7.0 directory find right click on the “Configurations” and select export and choose a location for the file to be saved on the local PC.

4. Repeat for Preferences. 



5. Browse to the file, right click and select “Edit”


6. Use find and replace to replace the location that corresponds with Toolbox 2013 to the one that corresponds with Toolbox 2016



7. After find and replace completes select “File” > “Save As” and choose name such as 2016Configuration.reg.  Make sure the save location is on the local computer.  To be sure, you can choose to save to the desktop or c:\.  Also, make sure the Save as type is set to “All Files” and select “Save”.



8. Browse to the file location and double click to import the new registry entries. 

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