Working with Lamps (Written)


    Lamps are used the light the scene. There five different lamp types, each with its own unique strengths and limitations. Here are the available lamps:

    • Point - Is An omni-directional point light source, similar to a light bulb.
    • Spot - Is a directional point light source, similar to ... a spot.
    • Area - Is a source simulating an area which is producing light, as windows, neons, TV screens.
    • Hemi - Simulates a very wide and far away light source, like the sky.
    • Sun - Simulates a very far away and punctual light source, like the sun.

    Adding Lamps

    Lamps can be added to the scene from the 'Add' menu found in the 3D viewport header.


    Lamp Properties

    The lamp properties can be accessed through the lamp properties menu (right-click mouse button when lamp is selected).