Working with Number Controls (Video)


    Video Transcription (Auto-Generated):
    in this video to show you all of the cool and helpful things that you can do with the number controls within the fluid designer and when i say never controls i'm talking about these values here any value that has a number that you can either type in or set something different but rather than messing with these controls here i'm going to go ahead and just collapse this i'm gonna draw quick wall here select and will bring up the properties and work with this just we can see what we're doing so one thing that's really important to understand you can do is you can click and hold in the center of this and then move your cursor to the right or left to change that value and this is really helpful for me just to kind of see what it does if i'm not quite sure what its gonna adjust you know i can just do that and i don't want to confirm that i want to change that you just type xscape with your cursor you know still held down that way it just kinda cancels that command rather than you know moving it and saying oh i forgot what that was before so just keep in mind that you can then click hold and hit escape to cancel that command apart from that you can always just type in a value or you can move your cursor to the far right where this little arrow is here and that will increment that value by 10 inches we eventually want to make it to where you can set a user definable variable of how much you want that to increment so you can say i want to increment you know two inches rather than the default 10 but we haven't implemented that quite yet another thing that you can do with these is use them as calculators and so here if i just click in the center of it and i do 100 plus 5 and then type enter it's going to make that calculation for me and i can use any of the operators so if i use a hundred plus 5 times 2/3 it's gonna make that calculation for me so it's very helpful when you're trying to enter an exact value and apart from just typing in a number you can also specify the unit that you want to specify so here if i typed in 1000 mm that's going to stand four millimeters and i enter 1000 millimeters is that value so that makes sense or i can type in note 12 ' for 12 feet and then six inches and then hit enter and it's going to make that conversion forming and i can always add those together so if i want to do you know let's say 12 feet minus 32 millimeters i could do that as well and it's going to make that adjustment so i hope this helps you understand how you can utilize these number controls a little bit better