Changing the Wall Shape (Video)


    Video Transcription (Auto-Generated):
    in this video and show you how you can change the shapes of the walls that you create in order to create vaulted ceilings or angled walls things like that so let's go ahead and get rid of our tool shelf here by typing teams going to draw walls using the add menu so here let's go and select all walls in here i'm going to go ahead and just draw room something like that so with each of these walls here you can modify the geometry of any object really whether it's a wall or a part or anything like that so when once you select it you can switch from object mode into edit mode and then you can see once you've done that now you have access to select the different vertices and faces and edges that make up this object and maybe we can see a little better here if we go into wireframe i just typed z on my keyboard but you can switch to wireframe using this option here and so here you can see all the different vertices and faces that we can modify now before we make modifications to this i want to show you one thing really quick here so i'm going to go ahead and go back into object mode you can also toggle that mode by typing tab on your keyboard but here we're going to material mode again so if i right click and change the length of this well let's say we want to make it a little bit smaller and click ok now if i go into edit mode you can see the wall is back to its original size and so what's going on here well what's happening here is when we change the size outside of edit mode so when we're in object mode we use things like these properties it's not really adjusting the geometry of that is deforming the shape to where it looks like that but all we really need to do is just apply the modifiers that are making that shape change and so here if we go to our properties shelf open that up and go to our object properties so right now we have this wall mesh selected all we need to do is click this apply hook modifiers button and what that's doing is here if i go to a modifier stack you can see that i have three different hook modifiers applied to this and what this is doing is just allowing me to change the x dimension and then these modifiers are changing of this mesh and so you don't really need to understand too much about that just know that if you're going to be modifying the shape of a measure if you're going to go into edit mode on something you're most likely going to want to go ahead and select the apply hook modifiers button now you can also do it one at a time so here if i select this mess right here and go to the modifier stack i can also click this button right here this will apply the modifier and remove it from the stack you want to make sure that you do these from the top down and so we'll just keep clicking here and so that's pretty much essentially exactly what this option does before now its oregon's because it recognizes that there's no modifiers available in the stack now one thing that's important to know that once you've done that here if i select on this object and i right click and try to change it you can see well now it's not that's because we've removed those modifier stack at any point you can always get those back by going to the data for the mesh and selecting this connect hooks button that's going to then reset those hooks up tour now we can see hey those are back and now if we change this is going to change shape again so just keep that in mind but for this we're going to go ahead and remove you know those modifiers and if you're going to be changing the shape of the wall you want to make sure that your desk like the final thing that you're doing that the walls you know room dimension is exactly what you want that way you don't worry about trying to reset up those modifiers or anything like that so now with that done let's go ahead and now modify the shape of this since we've applied the hook modifiers so let's go ahead and go into edit mode and a few things that we can do here we can right-click to bring up our different mesh editing tools and so here we have different modifying tool so we can extrude we can create loop cuts we can do all sorts of things and a loop cut is what we want to use if we want to create a vaulted ceiling sort of look and so here we can select this option and now if we hover over this edge you can see that we're going to cut this mesh in half if we have over this edge you can see we're going to cut it this way but for this we really want to cut it just like this and if we scroll up on our keyboard you can see that you can multiple cuts here but in this instance i really only want to create one so with one cut created on the left click and then here we can determine where we want this to be cut i'm going to also just hit escape because i wanted to be right in the center so now that that's done we can right-click i'm going to go ahead and go into edge select mode and so with that i'll go and select this edge here on top and now i can use this manipulator handle to change the geometry of this wall so that's how that's done once you're done you know changing the geometry if you want this to be an exact value you can also open up your property shelf here and go to the transform panel because this will show you the location of whatever vertices or mesh day that you have selected and so you can see here that i have this top edge selected and it's letting me know that it is 153 inches off the floor you can see i can change this value and that's going to update that location or i can type in you know an exact value so that's how you can be precise with how you are making modifications to these mesh objects and then once you go out of object node that transform panel goes away now you're just back in your standard object good now just to go through this one more time here i'm going to go ahead and take control and to start up a new file and close our tool shelf here type shift day to bring up my draw walls option and here we'll go ahead and change this so let's say we have an angled ceiling that we want to create what we can do is we can select on one of these walls here i'm going to change the dimension or the height of it to be and let's say sixty and so now we want to make this back wall here angled that way it goes down to this height here let's say it's up in an addict or something like that so what we'll do is we'll go ahead and go into edit mode and this case since i haven't changed the size of it i don't have to apply the hook modifiers against just to be on the safe side it's good to probably go and do that and then here i'll go and select this edge and i'm going to drag this down here and hold down control and snap it right to that face right there alright so that's how we can create you know vaulted ceiling and in angled wall like that there's one last thing that i want to show you how to do curved walls and so here we're going to create one more file and let's go ahead and draw some sort of a shape like this and so let's say that this wall is actually curved this is a little bit more of a process here but we're going to go into edit mode on type tab just going to edit mode and here and actually just to be on the safe side why not going to apply the hook modifiers just make sure and will and ok i'm going to right-click to bring up my mesh editing tools i'll go into the modeling tools and here i'm going to select loop cut and slide again and so here i'm going to go ahead and add a whole bunch of geometry here is the whole bunch of loop cuts that will just give me more junk journal right-click to exit that out and so now i have more geometry that i can use to start bending this object and so what i'm going to do rather than trying to model that i'm going to go into exit edit mode here i'm going to open up my properties shelf and i go to the modifier stack and here i'm going to add in a simple deform modifier i'm going to switch it to bend and so now i can adjust the angle that i want this wool to bend at and so you can see that's how it's set up so you really kind of have to have the exact dimension of the wall specified that you're going to have and then you can specify the angle or the radius that you need that to the formatted time 90 and we have that set up that way now one thing to keep in mind is that we can't really place products on this very well-liked weekend with straight walls and so you just have to be aware that you know if you try to drag these products in here you know tries to snap to it but doesn't know how to match its rotation and it's not going to do a very good job of being placed so what i typically do is i'll go into a top view type 7 my number pad and then i'll go ahead and just drag in one of these products here and what i do is just try to position him you know the best i can you know where that needs to be not really placing it on the wall but just kind of locating it there and then when i bring up the properties for this i can adjust the rotation just to kind that you know where i want it on that wall there so not really the easiest thing to do but it does allow you to generate this type of wall if you need